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1 out of every 6 children in the world are marginalized by war.
They are our mission.

How we help them.


Our professional trainers and psychologists train community leaders, teachers, caregivers and family members in identifying and caring for children who have experienced trauma.


Where children go hungry, we provide nutritious food their young bodies and minds need to thrive.


Where schools are destroyed or non-existent, we repair or build them. We train teachers so that children are equipped for the future.


Where community cohesiveness is damaged by war and conflict, we organize sports, theater, and social events to bring all ages together in meaningful activities.

top.png is impossible to fully heal the wounds a child experiences during war. What has happened cannot be undone. But we can do something about the footprints such traumas have made on their bodies, minds, and souls. That’s what Novi does.

Oddny Gumaer

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Your support builds a future for children of war


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