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A Gift to Children of War and a tribute to your loved ones this Christmas

Trauma affects what children anticipate, their understanding, and of how they process information. Prolonged exposure to emotional stress has toxic effects on the developing brain and the nervous system. It goes without saying that children in Ukraine are exposed to stressful and potentially traumatic events. These events will affect a whole generation of kids. Many have been forced to leave their homes and lost loved ones. They feel afraid and their education is disrupted. It is very difficult to provide a sense of security for them because they understand that the war is not over. Because the war is still not over.

This is why we have developed Novi Life Kits. Inside a locally produced backpack, children hiding in bomb shelters and emergency housing find bubbles, a jump rope and a game of Twister among the 20 other items that have been carefully selected to provide more than 260 trauma-informed activities. Each kit with all of its contents costs $49 dollars.

Our staff psychologist who is an expert in early childhood trauma developed this tool to teach children how to manage their emotions and stress so they can continue to develop as they should, despite the war and violence they are surviving. The activities are developed to help regulate emotions of anger, depression, fear, despair or other feelings. The kit comes with a detailed and illustrated manual that explains the activities. For stressed and trauma reactive children who are unable to make decisions, the kit contains a pair of dice they roll to decide which activity to do, making this therapeutic tool into a game

We are distributing Novi Life Kits to all the shelters where children are surviving the months of warfare that destroyed their homes and forced them to flee. All of them have experienced some kind of trauma or stress due to the war. These children need support to process their experiences and feelings, and have tools to regulate their emotions. The Novi Life Kit is one strategic step towards meeting their needs, a step towards the healing we want for them all.

Greeting Card

If you've purchased a Novi Life Kit as a gift, download a greeting card for your loved one.




The greeting card helps them understand not only that they are cared for, but that they are part of healing children living through war. 

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