We asked some children in Ukraine what they want for Christmas. Here are some of the answers:

Masha wants a Christmas without missiles falling on her town.

Ivan cannot stay in his house right now. It is very dangerous there. But he likes to help his mom and also he dreams about motorcycle for himself.

"We don't have a father. We really wish we had one ."

Sasha lost stepfather at the beginning of the war. He is very upset with his life. He wishes his life could start getting better this Christmas.

Yuliya and her little brother wish for victory for Ukraine in this terrible war

Artem dreams for many toys for Christmas
Vanya is happy when he is warm and when mom cooks supper for him. For Christmas he doesn’t know what he wants.

Anton has father at war. His father is defending not only him but thousands of other children. Lord please give safety to such fathers.

What do you want for Christmas?

In Novi we would love to make some of these Christmas wishes come true for these children. We know it is impossible to end the war or to bring a fallen father back. But we believe we can contribute by giving hope and help in other ways. Do you want to help us? You can read about some of the ways we are helping on our website. Visit us there and see how you can help.


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